Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finding Out The Gender of Baby #2

Today at 16w3d, we found out the gender of beanie.

The anticipation built up was beyond words. You would think this being baby #2, the anticipation is lesser, but NO! This time round, it was equally jittery.

To be honest, I know many people will say boy or girl doesn't matter. Truth is, yes, it does not matter as long as baby is healthy, but for me, I had a preference. No, preference is too strong a word. Let's just say I had wanted another boy for various reasons but mainly because I have been caring for a boy so it should come easier. We would save some more on clothings and toys.

Then I thought, actually, a girl would be good too. Girls are more homely, even after they get married, they are still close to the family and mother. When Bradley is busy dating, at least (hopefully) I have my daughter to still keep me company.

Lastly, for very selfish and superficial reasons, I think boys tend to look like their mums while daughters father. OOPS!

Anyhow, here's a look at beanie during the scan today.

Now, can you tell?

Yep, there's nothing between the legs except the "hamburger". We are expecting a baby girl this round. :) :) :) :)

She was super active this morning that Dr W. was unable to capture still images of both her hands and legs because she was moving too much. Quite a funny scene to see her jumping and moving. Here's how the convo went between Dr W. and I minutes leading up to the "discovery".

Me: Are those the legs?

Dr: Y...e...s...

Me: *pause*

Me: There's nothing between the legs..?

Dr: Um hmm... *smile*

Me: Hmmm.... *laughing*

Dr: So there's nothing between the legs.

And we all including DH started laughing. It was quite funny. She showed me the three lines, aka "hamburger". Now that I am actually putting this down in words, I'm really beginning to feel the bliss.


OMG. Before we had Bradley, we were yearning for 2 girls. Well, we got the best of both worlds now don't we? Once upon a time, the 2 girls that we were going to have were named Clara and Chloe. Chloe is never gonna happen now, but Clara... you will be welcomed with open arms into our family.

On a separate note, I've actually lost weight. With B, I lost weight too and only started putting on after the 4th month. With C, the weight gain in the beginning was very gradual and given my loss of appetite, I'm not surprised with the weight loss. However, I'm sure those pounds will come back in the later part of the pregnancy. For now, I just want to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

It's all coming to place now. Our dressing room has been dismantled. The wardrobe in our bedroom is up. We are ready to decorate Clara's room now!