Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I have been failing miserably in my attempt to blog more. But there's so much going on sometimes I sit in front of the computer wondering. . "Now where shall we begin?".

In the week leading up to CNY, there really wasn't much to be done. B had gotten his haircut, I somehow managed to sneak in a pedicure at the salon opp my place after he slept early one evening, cny clothes for him were bought sometime back so there was only the decoration of the house left which brought us to down to chinatown which we do yearly.

Having signed B up for gym classes and the soon starting playgroup, I've decided to finally push his nap time to after lunch. He seems to be adapting well and yeah.. he does sleep longer, at least 1.5 hours. I have no choice because of this cny where so many things are taking place in the evenings and we can't possibly reject them all because his bedtime is 7ish. Last 2 nights his bedtime was 9ish and almost 10pm because of the reunion dinners we had.. I hope after cny he doesn't stays up this late!!

On a separate happy note, my bump seemed to have grown alot more! It's so tight now I really can't eat much. Consider how I was down on Saturday with an episode of food poisoning which had me in bed for 24 hours. But the bump grew exponentially once I recovered! Must be protesting about the zero food intake that day. Looking forward to the detailed scan next week!

Gong xi fa cai everyone! May the year of the Goat brings you much blessings and happiness.

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