Monday, February 23, 2015

20 Week Detailed Scan

Just did the detailed scan and now waiting to see Dr W for a review.

It gets to me each time I see baby on the screen because it is just too amazing. Today, I came down to TMC alone because my appt eats into B's nap so we decided to let DH stay home with him while I get the scan done.

The last scan Dr W told me baby was very active, kept moving around so it was rather difficult to get a still image of her. Today, the sonographer said the same time. Hehe. One moment she was in the sitting position facing up and the next she was facing down. The cutest thing was witnessing her clasping her hands together in front of her face like doing a "gong xi gong xi" action. Then she touched her ear, flexed her fingers.. aiyo!  Too cute.

I caught a glimpse of her lips.. OMG. She totally has her daddy's full lips! This one I tell you, is gonna be daddy's replica. Her nose bridge however was not as high as bradley's.

Before I know it, the 20 minutes was over. All too soon and it will be another month before we see her antics on the screen again.

Now at halfway through the pregnancy,  I've put on 2kg. I think that's quite decent assuming the weight gain will be faster now. I did not put in a conscious effort to control my weight nor diet but it just seems that this time round I'm not eating too well.  But baby's at an average weight and growth so hopefully this will remain throughout.

Halfway mark!!

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