Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disappointment and Bewilderment

With the school holidays this week, I am running out of activities and places to bring B to. We generally avoid indoor playgrounds like a plague because of the crowd and also the higher possibility of the already-high-chance of germs spreading.

So this morning, we drove down to ECP for some sand play. It was really a lovely morning but B decided he had enough after about 30 minutes and started going "mummy carree". That signifies the end of our outing. Haha.

So we drove back home around 10am, taking KPE, which has a speed limit of 80km/h. At this time of the morning heading towards home, traffic is super light. I was on the right lane and driving at 80. About 4-5 cars distance ahead of me was a taxi. Out of nowhere, a black car appeared behind me and started tailgating me. I'm used to idiotic drivers tailgating, they usually just run out of patience and overtake me. This car was so near to me I can't even tell the make of the car, but judging from its headlight, I think it could be either a Mazda or Audi. Not sure.

The middle lanes had some slower moving traffic so tailgater couldn't overtake. All this while I was at 80 and I had my son in the back seat. I've also been caught on camera twice on the KPE for exceeding the speed limit by less than 5km/h, so I'm extremely careful especially near the speed cameras. Anyway, when the fellow finally had the chance to overtake me, he wound down his window and gave me a thumbs up sign, held it there for like 5 seconds and sped off.


I was speechless. If you were wondering, no I wasn't angry, but I was really bewildered. What was his point? Does it really make him a lot happier when he did that? Was he trying to prove something?I don't get it.

The fact that these people are on the roads everyday, everywhere. Doesn't it say something about our society? They are other people's children, they could be parents themselves. So when behaving in such a manner, what message are they trying to convey to their children?

Can you see why I'm so baffled? I really do not understand his point. I texted DH and told him about it. He has his theories - he thinks people who behaves this way are generally full of angst, things not going smoothly for them and small actions like these make them feel superior. After that few seconds of self happiness, they are back to being angry people again. Well, perhaps he's right.

I hope that fellow feels happy today about having done that. As for me? I just feel sorry for him.

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