Thursday, March 12, 2015

Playgroup For Bradley

 Finally we found a parent-accompanied playground that's not too far from home, not too expensive and not at an inconvenient time. I don't know why this place didn't pop up before when I was doing a Google search but nonetheless I'm happy we've found it.

Playdays has 2 outlets, 1 at Sunset Way and another at Mountbatten Centre. I knew there were many childcare facilities at Mountbatten Square and Centre area but I had no idea it was THAT many. We went for a trial yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with the environment. What I liked about Playdays:

  • Location - took us 30 minutes with peak hour traffic
  • Class starts supposedly at 9:15am but the people starts strolling in around 9:30 and even with that, there is still time for free play. That means we don't have to rush in the morning. When we went for Bibinogs trial, class starts at 9 and we had to leave our home at 7:30 only to get there at 8:30, in time to have breakfast before heading up.
  • Teachers were more flexible - if they noticed the kids in class were exceptionally active that day, they will change their program to cater to what the kids might be more interested in. I witnessed what was meant as a storytelling session changed halfway to sing-and-dance because all the toddlers seem to be on a high!
  • A good mix of local and expats kids as well  as a local teacher and native English teacher.

I guess the only thing I'd have preferred Bibinogs was its bilingual program, but it wasn't enough to make me want to travel to Bukit Timah every week during peak hour. So, we got ourselves a weekly playgroup which I think B thoroughly enjoyed, and I have to say, I did too.

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  1. He looks comfortable and in his place in the pictures! :)