Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bradley! Plus Updates on Baby Clara

My baby is turning 2 this Sunday! *cues confetti and tears*

We don't have any big plans for this weekend but DH and I did plan on taking him on a couple of activities which we know he will love it. So the weekend is packed to the brim with activities and I hope he will enjoy!

I also did a mini birthday celebration for him in playgroup because I know how much he enjoys going there and what better than have a group of like-minded kids hang out and sing birthday song and stuff themselves silly with sugary cupcakes. I bet the parents are all cheering at the sugar rush. Oops! :D

Cupcakes made by Mess With Cakes, who also baked Bradley's 1st bday cake last year. Very yummy and I've requested for less sugar to humour everyone.

He was surprised when I brought out the cupcakes to show him before leaving for school and he loves it. Kept asking "what's 小鸟 doing?". He hasn't gotten over the bird from the SQ ride where they gave him the plush toy.

We decided to give him the birthday gift from daddy a week earlier because we had ran out of things to do with him last weekend and we were too lazy to go out.

He absolutely loves painting and we figured this during the art and craft sessions in playgroup. So I guess this is a good way to keep him occupied at home. Except he wants "mummy sit here" while he paints. Oh well. It won't be any longer that he wants me around I guess.

Now moving on.... updates on Baby Clara! 

Did the glucose test this morning... argh. My memory did not fail me, I hated it still. With the first pregnancy, I don't know why I chose to finish the drink at a shot, but I remember nearly vomiting halfway through it. This round, I was given a straw (more demure I guess) and told to finish the drink in 5 minutes. Well, I guess I finished it within 1 minute but took a few breaks in between. It still sucked as much, and I still feel sick afterwards. Not sure if it was from the sweetness or the fasting. Anyhoo, I passed the test and we managed to see more defined images of Clara!

As commented by Dr W, she has a very sharp nose bridge, and I agree! Even sharper than B when he was in utero. I am damn relieved because I was so worried she would inherit DH's big nose... oops.. sorry darling! I love you and your big nose and all, but not so nice for a girl to have such big nose right? And we don't have to worry about her coming to us in the future saying she wants a nose job!

Physically, I've put on close to 5kg to date which I'm really happy with. I did not make a conscious effort to control my diet, but I guess with a toddler to care for and not having the luxury to eat as and when I like it, this is understandable. I just hope it doesn't compromise with the nutrients Clara is getting.

But she's at a good weight - 1.2kg at 28 weeks. I don't have B's weight when he was 28 weeks but at 30w, he was 1.6kg, so I guess it's about right. 

The doctor visits will now come more frequently, every 3 weeks and shit's getting real!!! Technically in about 10 weeks time, we will be seeing Clara. I have only started washing part 1 of bag 1 of the clothes Karen passed to me. The nursery is not done, there are still things to buy!

*zen* *breathes in and out* *ohmmm*

Ok, I better get the scrapbook going before one day Clara asks, "mummy why kor kor has this book and I don't?!"

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  1. Happy Birthday Bradley!
    I still do not know how to 'see' the scan...sighz...
    I hope you started off with the bag for the right size to start C with. :p