Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Missing in Action.. For Just a Little Bit

I know I've been quiet. Is pregnancy fatigue a good enough reason?

Guess not.

Probably just boils down to laziness. I really take my hats off other mummy bloggers who have to juggle family and takes time to write very meaningful and interesting posts.

But I did have some good days that past since B's birthday weekend. Most of these I've updated on Instagram (follow me: which I'm a lot more active. We went on the Duck Tour which was fun but hot hot hot. We took a cable car ride and became Faber-licensed, i.e. basically signing on to be member that allows us a year of unlimited rides. It was quite a no-brainer for us because the roundtrip ticket for an adult is $29 while the membership is $39. Thankfully I signed on the spot because once B got onto the cable car, he didn't want to alight! So can you imagine if I had to carry him to buy tickets at every station and pay $29 each time which totally didn't make sense. So we got our membership card on the spot at the Mt Faber membership counter and just went on the ride until I got a little sick and had to persuade him down. It was really fun actually. If anyone is interested, that membership card somewhat acts like the Sentosa Islander card, you get a whole bunch of discount on Sentosa including free admission via car.

Now this week, DH is away in Japan and I told my mum I'll camp over at her place. Actually, mainly for dinners so I don't have to cook. I made no effort in going to the market last weekend since I had zero intention to cook with DH being away. So last few nights B and I came home late after dinner at my mum's, I showered him there just in case he sleeps in the car on the way back. Tomorrow, I'll take him with me to Dr W for my check up. 31weeks now, not long to go.

Will have more details tomorrow... and it will be my turn on the SMB blog train, giving you a sneak peek at a day in my life.

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