Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby Clara's Update

Dr W is back and we had our check up today. Left B with my mum and I managed to return within 2 hours. He didn't ask for me and of course had fun with my nephew. Bless them both. Well I won't have the privilege when school reopens end of the month.

Our 小妹 is now 36w+ and weighs about 2.8kg. Initially the measurement showed she was about 3kg and Dr W said "hmm let's measure again, abit too fast to hit 3kg" after scrutinising my tummy. 2.8kg sounds about right. While the good news is her head remains down and facing back, the bad news is we can't quite see her features anymore coz all being blocked. She's also quite cramped up so can't see much of her hands and feet.

Dr says she thinks C will probably arrive around 39w so get plenty of rest now whenever I can. Not sure if it's possible having a toddler to look after but definitely not possible when baby arrives.

Next visit - strep b swap and following week, internal check for dilation.

See you soon my girl!

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