Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Already?

It's the weekend already?? How fast this week has gone by! Maybe because there was a slew of activities. Let's see.

On Tuesday, we had our window blinds installed for the entire house. Something we had wanted to do for a long time but didn't get around to it. Maybe because of C's impending arrival, we finally stopped procrastinating. The blinds look awesome and we love it.

Oh and you might have noticed our new daybed in the TV room. We had wanted to replace the sofa in there forever since the old sofa bed gave way. We stumbled upon this while shopping for B's bed and thought it would be perfect for the TV room. It's also single bed sized, so can double up as a bed should there be a need.
Then Wednesday we celebrated my sister's 50th bday. My BIL planned a surprise dinner for her since February for all the siblings and while I was reluctant to go because of Bradley, I'm glad I made it.

I had to leave the house early so it wasn't any time near B's dinner or bed time. So I left at 4pm, told him mummy has to go out, he will stay home with daddy and daddy will feed him dinner, shower him and give him milk later. He said ok and I quickly took my leave without loitering too long. The plan was for hub to take him on the lrt to get dinner so that he get plenty distracted. It worked. The entire time I was away he only asked for me a few times, but nothing daddy cannot distract him with. I'm so proud of them both and I'm now less worried when the time comes for me to deliver C.

So what did I do when I left home at 4 and dinner was not till 7? I went to the hair salon at Ion for a nice wash and blow and gave myself a little pampering session. Boy was it good.
The next day we went down to support my nephew who was representing SG in the rowing competition at SEA Games.  Oh my I did not expect the atmosphere to be so amazing. While we did not win anything, it's really the experience that matters and I am really so proud of him. The next race is on Sunday! Looking forward. 

Tonight, a super impromptu kinda thing happened. Because of the school holidays, my nieces are camping overnight at my mum's just for fun. So in her house, there are my 2 grown up nieces and my 7yo nephew. When I took B there today, he was having a ball jumping and goofing around with them. Then I had an idea - why don't I ask them (and my mum) to babysit him tonight while hub and I go for dinner. My hub said ok immediately and mummy was so sweet to say "I thought you'd never ask". So seeing it was still early when that decision was made, I left him there, drove home to pick his pjs and milk, and also keep the food I've prepared for dinner in the fridge.

So that's us - FIRST date night in 2 years!

Truth be told, we were both very excited at first. Then after an hour we started missing B. Towards the 2nd hour, we were like "ok let's go and see our boy".

I certainly enjoyed having an uninterrupted meal and a nice conversation with hub and it's nice to have date nights. But it's also nice to have B around too. Glad we did this coz no idea when the next date night is coming.

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  1. I love your blinds and daybed as well! And not forgetting how you did you hair. Glad you enjoyed yourself! :)