Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deja Vu

This is beginning to feel too much like a deja Vu.

If I remembered correctly, I started my maternity leave at 38 weeks, thinking "ok full term already, baby will come anytime". I also didn't want to risk having my waterbag burst while at work, meeting a client or in the midst of a conf call.

Week 38 came and gone and no signs of labour. I went to the park and had long walks on my own in the mornings, I did a lot of housework (not sure if it was nesting), climbed a fair bit of stairs. Did everything that was said to induce labour, except sex maybe, too tired too heavy too big. I had some bloody show but not alot and no contractions. Eventually B came a day before edd and a few hours before the scheduled induction.

Today at 38w4d, I was strapped to the ctg machine to track baby's heartbeat and I could hear B and hub talking outside the room. 2 years back I was in the room with hub just feeling excited about everything.

Dr W didn't check the cervix for dilation today, say shall leave it till next visit which is 2 days before edd and just wait for labour to start on its own. Baby is still approximately 3.2kg, mummy has put on 8kg to date. Oh and unlike with B, this round I was tested positive for Strep B which means we gotta get antibiotics IV during labour.

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