Thursday, June 25, 2015


I thought I heard Dr W said the internal check will be done at the 38w visit, but we had a check today after doing the Strep B swap.

When she was checking for dilation, I was somewhat hoping she might say "ok your cervix is opened, you are __ cm".

Alas, no.

She said, "not opened yet".

Major disappointment. I know it's better for C to stay in longer but I'm tired already. The backaches, the braxton hicks, the constant urge of wanna go LS.. making me very tired. Of course there's still my dear son to care for. Thankfully he hasn't been demanding me to carry him as much, so all good.

Anyway,  according to Dr W, most probably C will arrive around the same time as B so we shall just wait for labour to start naturally. She's about 3.1kg now which is big compared to B who was 3.2kg at birth. But at 39w B was estimated to be 3.6kg so I try not to let the numbers bother me too much.

I'm undecided if I want epidural this round. Although I did it without the previous time, I remembered the pain towards the end being very extreme. But I'm also afraid of the epi jab more than anything. Plus I was told recovery was faster for alot of people who opted without epi. I think that was true. I was up and about walking just 2 hours after delivery.

I don't know. We shall see.

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