Friday, July 31, 2015

Rise & Shine

It's 6:34am now and I have accomplished much.

* Fed Clara
* Washed up and found out B woke up, put him back to sleep
* Put away dishes in kitchen
* Tidied up one kitchen cabinet because the mess is simply unbearable. It will be another 5 hours before it gets messed up by Mr B again
* Put the laundry into the washing machine
* Showered
* Boiled the red date longan drink and its now sitting in the slow cooker
* Ibanking (read: online shopping)
* Clara just pooped - changed her diaper

I should have another hour before both kiddos wake.

Ah... strangely I don't miss sleep anymore. I function on adrenalin.

That is until my body decides its breaking down. -_-"

On a separate note, I've been monitoring Clara's weight especially after the jaundice episode. She still is abit yellow, but her wet diapers, OMG, so much. And who says girls don't "shoot" their urine. This daughter of mine has the ability to spray her urine at me while changing her. Well, at least I get to see that her urine is clear. So she's clearly hydrated enough. As of yesterday, she was 4.3kg, well above her birth weight and I'm delighted. Bradley, at 4 weeks old, was only 3.7kg, 500g above his birth weight only. Granted, he might be a poor benchmark, but at least I feel mei mei is on track. Or I hope she is, cos she won't be having a visit with our pd (B's pd) until she's 2 months.

Next Thursday marks C's one month, how time flies. But, there are some things I'm totally not looking forward in August. Come Monday, KK is going back to office and my mum can't make it to my place, so I'll be running solo. I tried to be cool about it because I have to go solo soon anyway. And, he has 2 business trips coming - someone say FML.

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