Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do You Believe In Second Chance?

I do. Because I am living one.

Having Bradley is a miracle. Being blessed with Clara is double the miracle.

While we weren't infertile, it took us a while to conceive B. And followers of this blog will know it really boiled down to poor and wrong timing. When B came along, DH and I were out of this world happy. He was the best thing that happened to me.

And then came Clara. While she wasn't exactly a surprise, I think it's fair to say we weren't expecting her so soon. We conceived her the first month we tried. 

Initially I was so worried I couldn't love her as much as I do with B and how was I supposed to divide my love among them? People tell me you do not just divide your love, it multiplies. I wasn't sure.

Now I understand. Seeing her grow everyday just makes my heart melts. I've been given a second chance to enjoy this motherhood gig all over again . Things I couldn't enjoy previously being a first time mum - the lack of experience, the anxiety, the nervousness and the whole nine yards - I could now.

That's why I say I've been given a second chance.

And I'm not wasting this chance, for when it's gone, it will be gone for good.

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