Monday, August 17, 2015

Is This Sleep Regression?

I have been a sleep nazi with B for the longest time. Old habits die hard.

Maybe because I was traumatized by those days I had to sit by his cot for 2 hours resulting in no sleep at all. Then things took a turn for the better, especially after his first birthday. His naps were improving and as he grew, outlook seems bright. All until the arrival of little sister and in fact started during pregnancy.

He had been STTN, well at least in my books apart from the sips of water he takes. All this stopped about 5 weeks ago. Last 3 days he had been waking up crying, although he goes back to sleep almost immediately and he wakes up before 6 almost everyday. People tells me not to let him sleep so early so he will wake later. Sorry, not the case with my son. He wakes up before 7am regardless of his bedtime.

Today, DH leaves for his biz trip and when he left the house At 530am, Mr B woke and I couldn't put him back to bed. I wanted to cry. I woke at 5am hoping to get most chores and my mind prepped for the busy day ahead, as well as shower before DH Leaves. With his early wakening, I didn't get to drink my coffee or rest when I was done with the laundry. It was like "bam! off to work u lazy bum, no relaxation for u". Really wanna cry you know.

Boy I miss drinking a hot, scratch that, even a warm cup of coffee.

They always turn cold when I finally get to drink them.

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  1. Oli is going through the same. She wakes up in the middle of the night almost everyday. Sometimes she demands for this and that and once she wanted to watch YouTube at 4am! I don't know when is this going to end.

    And yeah, how many cold morning drinks have I drank!?!? Sometimes I go without breakfast.