Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mummy's Little Man

Today was a great day! I had planned on taking B to Paragon as I saw something from Mothercare there which wasn't available at other outlets I've been. And then there's the CNY clothes shopping for B.

After his nap and porridge, we drove to Orchard, which by the way, traffic was f---ing unbelievable. I got so fed up stuck in traffic for so long I decided to just park at Triple One and walk to Paragon. B enjoyed the stroller ride as there was much to see. We had lunch at Big O and it was really enjoyable having B as my lunch date... Provided he was in a good mood. He napped again when I was wearing him, which gave me time to shop at H&M for his clothes. Spent about a hundred bucks and everything for him! 

By the time we are ready to head home, it was nearly 3pm! 3 hours shopping date with my boy. Simple pleasures in life.

A shot of him when he woke up from nap and having a snack of pumpkin purée.

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