Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welcome Back, AF

Yep, after 16 months of absence, Miss AF is back. Oh boy, I sure did not miss you. For all the agony you caused me while we were TTC, your absence was truly appreciated. Now that you are back, I guess some normalcy is returning?

This question has popped up many times - "are you guys planning to have another one soon?", "better now than later ", "chop chop get it over and close shop".

Well, truth is, I'm undecided. 

I want B to have a sibling, preferably a brother, but at this point, I just want to give him my full attention. At least until he's 2.  Then again I'm not sure if I like the gap to be too big, because I'm not sure if I want to go through this whole sleepless thing all over again. Yeah, it's for totally selfish reasons.

DH and I spoke about it. We want another one, but now is not the time yet. I don't dare to let nature takes it course this time for I hear women are rather fertile in the first year after child birth. Someone from our April mums' group is already expecting!

But, the thought of being pregnant and going through it again..... happiness.

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