Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hokey Pokey Millenia Walk

So B went to Hokey Pokey with 2 of his friends, Aprilynn and Daniel on Monday. It was so much fun. And with him successfully transitioned to 2 naps a day, it made taking him out much easier and less stressful for me.

Hokey Pokey was easy to get to at Millenia Walk. For non-members, I paid $25 for weekday for unlimited hours of play. Meaning we could leave the premise, go have lunch and back again. The area is huge, different from Peekaboo which is more of an obstacle course kinda playground. At Hokey, there are many toys, walkers, activity tables, jumperoos, ball pits, costumes. So it was great. I didn't have to follow B up and down - I could just leave him in the ball pits and I'm sure he's more than happy to spend the entire afternoon there.

"I love ball pits!"

Toys shelf

Plenty of space for babies/toddlers to roam around

Spot the baby.

"Hello Biceps"

"Am I strong or what?"

I wish I had known about these playgrounds earlier, I'm so slow in all these. But better late than never, I'm looking forward to spending my free days with B having fun till he KO.

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