Monday, March 10, 2014

Of New Furnitures and Mega Birthday Bash

The newish fridge and new couch made us feel like we have a new home. Well, kinda. Good to have a change after 8 years.

DH and I were enjoying the sofa on Sat evening after B slept over wine and me attempting to sew a tissue box. Minky is extremely difficult to work with, I really need a handheld sewing machine.

Anyway, the mega birthday bash was yesterday after much planning by the committee. Whilst I was on the committee, I'm super guilty to admit I did nothing compared to the rest. I really want to contribute, but I can't keep up with their discussions over whatsapp during the day. Really thank the ladies for their effort on a successful bash.

"Hi friend"

Jare sneaking on B

Group photo to thank the sponsors 

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

B loves bubble time and was super excited 

Thank you for voting my son as Prince Charming. We are very honoured.

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  1. sponsor some more! Way cool.... 8 years already? Wow...almost a decade. Lol....Love your new counch by the way. :)