Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learning at Fast Speed

My son seems to want to learn what he deems interesting or useful. Trying to get him say "mummy" or "mama" is near Impossible. He will look at my lips but then babble "papapapa". But certain things he learn fast. Like waving hi and bye. Taking the paci outta his mouth when he's up or not sleeping, holding his milk bottles and most recently, I taught him how to come down from the sofa and bed. It only took a couple of tries together and a few days later, he surprised me by doing it. I didn't think he would remember. Now, we just need to give him a gentle reminder of "legs down first" and he knows what to do.

Now it's not really about what he does, but more of how fast he picks things up. before bedtime today, we were sitting together on the floor, him doing his stuff. DH went "brad brad" and he said exactly the same. We just stared at each other, dumbfounded!

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