Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things Taken For Granted

There are so many things in life we take for granted without realising until one day, it is being stripped off us.

I have had an eye infection for the longest time before I actually do something about it. It started with a red eye everytime I wear my contact lenses for a long time, and I thought that was normal after having wearing them for nearly 20 years. There was no pain, no discharge, just redness which goes away after a few days of letting my eyes rest by wearing my specs. But then it got worse progressively. It felt like there was a layer of something over my eye. And then there was the blur vision, like I wasn't wearing any specs. I finally got scared and saw a specialist. Turns out, it is a condition caused by oily lids and prevalent in contact lense wearers. The recovery process was long, it's now more than 2 weeks, it is definitely improving but not fully. I'm just thankful I can read the texts on my phone. When they have fully recover, I am seriously considering lasik. But first, I've gotta start saving some money. I am, afterall, unemployed!

Guess what? That's not the end of my ordeal. One fine day, my dental crown decided to come off, together with my tooth. My dentist told me my teeth grinding has taken its toll and my teeth are becoming weak and flat surfaced. I never knew my grinding was that bad. Any way, that tooth was beyond repair and had to be extracted. And after so many extractions including my wisdom teeth which needed no surgery, this tooth had to be surgically dissected and removed. Something about surgically extracted teeth have higher chance of developing dry sockets/infections, so I did. 

Not only do I have to battle with blur vision, I had to suffer toothache from the infected wound. Toothache, to me, is worse than childbirth, I kid you not. Sighs... The things we take for granted. At least things are getting better, slowly but surely.

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  1. If you need a referral for lasik, let me know!
    Oh dear, your teeth grinding sounds bad! Take care!