Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Peek Into Our Lives.....

As part of the Day in a Life of blog train hosted by Mum in the Making, here's a peek into my day-to-day activities. They vary each day of course, but it's somewhat routine and similar in terms of the activities we do.


5am: DH's alarm rings - he wakes to work out for an hour. I sometimes sleep through his alarm but most times I drift in and out of sleep.

630-7am: B is stirring and will be up, starts talking to himself, starts subtly waking me up. "Mummy I sayang you" or sings whatever song is on his mind. And I'm up in my drowsy state, we play awhile, tickle him and he laughs cheerfully.  DH hears us and joins us in the room, we change B's diaper in bed, goof around a little and go wash up.

7-730am: B has his milk while mummy shower before daddy heads out to work at 730pm.

B helps mummy to feed our little fishes.

Sometimes we drive daddy to work so we can have breakfast together and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Vivocity boardwalk after breakfast.

8-830am: Mummy prepares a very easily assembled breakfast of bread or cereal. Bradley's choice of spread: butter with kaya or jam, ovomaltine, nutella or biscoff spread. Choice of drinks: milo or strawberry/plain UHT. Some days where we run out of bread, we will have cereal or MacDonalds' hotcakes with his favourite hash brown!

Mother and son's breakfast. That's my red dates and longan drink steeping in the tumbler.

On Wednesdays where B goes to playgroup, we leave house by 845am in order to try to reach before 915am. Other days, after breakfast, B keeps himself entertained while mummy get busy with these:


Washing and preparing whatever I can in advance for dinner. 
Cooking the soup. I seldom use the slow cooker these days but decided to bring it out again so I don't have to watch the stove all the time.

Thawing the meat/seafood, which I will bring transfer from the freezer the night before so we don't spend too much time waiting for it to thaw.

All this while, B does NOT play quietly on his own. Every 5 minutes or less I'm being interrupted in my chores to "mummy help!", "mummy sit here", "mummy read", "mummy play".

When my morning chores are finally done, I can finally sit and relax for awhile (read: play with him wholeheartedly) until it's time for shower. Today, we are going on the duck tour. It's our first time and we are supposed to be there 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Actually, I later found out if you have purchased your tickets online and indicated your preferred departure time, 10 minutes before departure is plenty of time to get in line to board the boat.

830am: Shower and change and mummy quickly splash on some make up. All in 10 minutes!

9am: Out of the house we go and headed for Suntec City.

930am: Reached there in plenty of time, bought tickets and waited to board.

Getting impatient

Is that the one we are going on?

Wefie with Mum before boarding

The ride took about 1 hour, and boy was it hot and packed! Every seat was taken up so B was sitting on me the entire time. At some point, he started getting bored and sleepy! Must be the heat. Anyway, we were done just before 11am and we rushed home to prepare lunch.

It was B's lunar birthday and I had prepared the stock and thaw the meat in advance. So it was a matter of cooking the mee sua and boiling the soup.

1230-1pm: Nap time. Mummy's break time!! YAY!!! He typically sleeps for 1.5 hour to 2 hours. On some rocky days, 1 hour. On some extreme lucky days, 3 hours! I use this time to catch up on social media, sleep or prepare dinner stuff.

230-3pm: Back to reality, the boss is awake. Sometimes daddy decides to come home early from work, we'll head over to pick him up before coming home to cook dinner. Today is one such day.

4pm: Home from picking daddy. Dad will watch and play with B while mummy cooks dinner.

5-530pm: Dinner time!

6pm: Outdoor play time (this is only if Daddy is back early because with a baby bump now, it has proven quite challenging for me to run after him at the playground or when he scoots around on his scooter).

7pm: Shower aka water play time (again)

730pm: Milk

745pm: Brush teeth and lights off! Hopefully he's out before 830pm.

And that's the end of my day, oh, not before clearing this mess up first.


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