Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Afternoon Tea with Toddler

Yep, you heard it right. I brought B along for high tea with my mummy friends this afternoon. AND WE SURVIVED!

I had made plans with my friends to catch up this week since this is hubby-less week and I try to pack as much activities during the day so when nightfalls, we are both so tired that I won't miss hubby so much. More importantly, I don't have cooking duties so it was even better.

But I nearly chickened out last night, attempting to cancel today's high tea because I didn't think B would let me enjoy it. But you know what, I have to give him credit for being so well behaved this afternoon. And of course the venue and ambience helped a lot. We went to 10 Scotts at Hyatt and the entire place was cosy, like in someone's living room. Best, we were given a table in a quiet corner and  B had plenty of space to roam around. My friend brought his son along too so the 2 of them had fun together. They had playdates since around 8 months but only recently started playing with each other.

All I can say is.. boy was I glad I went ahead with the plans coz I had a great time catching up with friends, having tea and scones. When was the last time I had high tea?! I think it was the week before B was born and KK and I had high tea at Fullerton.

The good old days but today was even better.

Simple joys in life.

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