Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby Clara at 33 Weeks

So on Tuesday, we went for routine check up. C is now 33w, weighing 2.2kg. But if there was anything I learned from the first pregnancy, weights and such are an estimate, providing a rough guideline on how baby is doing. When B was around 39 weeks,  he was estimated to weigh 3.6kg! Dr was getting concerned because there was no signs of labour and felt he might be getting too big, hence we scheduled for induction. Thankfully he decided to come out on his own, before the induction happened and turned out? He was only 3.2kg. But judging from C's development,  she will probably be about the same size as B at birth.

I asked about when Dr W think C will make her debut. I mean, statistically, will second babies come earlier or later. Of course there's no guarantee but again judging from first pregnancy, it shouldn't be too far off so she's expecting somewhere around 39 weeks.  Which is good coz it means more time for me but bad also coz this bump is really starting to get in the way.

Regardless, 7 weeks is not that long a time. We will meet soon little girl!

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