Monday, May 18, 2015

Preparing and Transitioning The Older Child for A Sibling

My top top concern when Baby C comes along is how B will react to the whole situation. It has always been B, daddy and mummy all this while, with a sudden change of having a new sibling, I really have no idea how he's gonna react. Our pd warned that there could be a chance he would regress and DH and I are already hurting thinking how he might possibly be jealous.

So I did a bit of reading and found some tips that sound really useful, shared it with DH and we both made a mental note to watch out for one another and remind each other. Here's some of the tips:

1. Present the older child with a gift from baby when they first meet.
~ Well I'm not sure how exactly this will work for B but at least one thing I know for sure he will be happy with the gift we chose and that should keep him entertained at the hospital for a bit.

2. Leave the baby in the cot for the first meeting so that both parents' hands are free to hug or carry the older child during the introduction.

3. When spending time with #1 and the baby cries, do not rush to attend to baby. Instead,  explain to #1 that baby needs attention and help, shall we go check out together.

4. During feeding time for baby, whether bottle feeding or nursing, use that time to read or play with #1.

5. Get him involved as much as possible, such as changing diapers, getting the wipes etc

6. Have plenty of 1-on - 1 time with #1 as much as possible. Baby does not require your constant hovering unless they are fussing or crying. Honestly in the 1st few weeks, baby won't rem much, but your toddler will. It's ok to leave the baby on their own for abit.

These are some of the tips I found to be helpful and will be using them on B. Do you have any others to share?

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  1. With a lot of love, I am sure B will be more than happy to welcome mei-mei.