Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Clara's Full Month

The Jubilee Weekend is over. That also marks the end of my confinement and the beginning of running solo during the week with DH going back to work today.

Coincidentally, this long weekend was timely for us to celebrate Clara's full month. With Bradley, we had a party at home and whilst it was fun having friends and relatives over, we were absolutely knackered by the end of it. So this round we decided no matter what happens, we are not doing it at home. And, to prevent conflicts of any sort (really more on appeasing me), I told DH it might be a better idea to separate the celebrations with our families, on the pretext that everyone will have enough time with the baby and no need to fight over her. Smart move eh?

So on Friday we went over to my in laws for a gathering of some sort. I have to give it in to MIL, she prepared a lot of food enough to feed a village, and there were only 10 of us including her 2 guests. Saturday was the party for my family which we planned for a while and decided to get it done in a restaurant as opposed to my initial idea of the function room at my sis' condo. Had we do it at her condo, our cost would be much lower, but there would be cleaning up and self servicing. We thought it would be nice for once to do it outside and not worry about cleaning up later, and having people serve us. It busted my (ideal) budget but at least it was in a comfy environment (private room at Jamie's Italian) with great food and company. With that marks the end of Clara's celebration.

But it's not over! We had yet another gathering at my sis' for National Day and yet more food. But seriously, parties are of a different meaning to me now. With just 1 child, I still had the luxury of enjoying the party after I made sure he's fed etc. But now with 2, omg, it was feeding B, then B goes off to play, feed C, then time to change B, then change C, and feed C and then feed B. I'm confused and lost myself. Needless to say, I didn't catch much of the parade with all this hustling between the kids. It will be what, another 2-3 more years before life gets slightly easier? Or am I too naive to think so?

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